About Me


Welcome to Pantylush! I am so glad you found me and my lush panties. I have lots of panty styles for you to explore check out the “Shop”  tab above and scroll through until you find something you like.

You will see I sell Everyday Panties, Activity Panties and Sets. Everyday Panties are what I wear on a daily basis. If you order from this collection the activities carried out will be anything from a business meeting to a traffic jam. Activity Panties require a little more planning and orders from this collection will include anything from panties worn after sexy times to panties worn for a gym session. Sets covers anything from bra and pants to socks and pants, stockings etc! ALL ITEMS ARE PLAYED IN AS STANDARD WITH 24 HOUR WEAR AND PICS! Come and see me on Periscope, you get to help me choose panties and interact with me live!

If You Can’t find what you desire then I am happy to take requests, just contact me through the Special Requests Tab. Please don’t be shy all requests will be considered and obliged wherever possible.

So a little bit about me. I am a 35 year old, size 8, tiny brunette. I really am living proof of the saying “good things come in small packages” which you could also say about my special deliveries to you. I have a few jobs, a radio presenter, employment consultant, Nail Tecnician, Massage Therapist and Pantylush. I started Pantylush because I get to use my creativity with the writing/photography, I’m learning new business skills and wearing sexy underwear for all you lush lot really turns me on.

Did you know you can now order EXTRA pictures of your panties being worn with a personalised note from the wearer?

 I am a professional you will receive plenty of shots front and back view of the panties being worn. Or choose a 5 minute personalised video. These are sent out electronically once payment has been cleared. 

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